Animal Feed Products

Cattle Feed (25 kg – 50 kg)

  • A special feed for cattle with the name of Amrit Dhara Pashu Aahar (Dairy Special) by Aspire Industries to the sustainability of the digestion of food in cattle. Which helps to maintain the health of cattle’s.

Poultry Feed (50 kg)

  • Polutry feed (Starter, Boiler & Elder) is a mixture of all such nutrients which are needed to hens from the birth till end to develop their body, weight & keep away from all kind of deficiency.

Boostomilk (1 kg – 5 kg)

  • A mixture in the form powder of Vitamins & proteins which are needed to the cattles to make effective their digestive system, escape from skin disease, helps to increase the Milk production upto 10% - 13%.

Pig Feed (25 kg)

  • A multi nutients feed for pigs to keep their health maintain and to increase their weight.

Chokar (40 kg)

  • The golden peel inside the bran wheat is called. This peel comes with mixing flour with wheat flour, and can be separated on filtering. It contains dietary fiber and dietary zinc. In this, there is more resistance to the disease than the fuzz of vegetables, as well as iron, calcium and vitamin ‘B’ are found in sufficient quantities, which can be helpful in increasing blood, strengthening bones and increasing appetite.